Reimagining the future of the base.

The South Weymouth Naval Air Station was established during World War II as a base for a squadron of blimps that patrolled the Atlantic coast in search of enemy submarines. Until its closing in 1997, the base played an important role in the advancement of naval air technology. A few artifacts and memorials remain. The old control tower, a giant hangar, and some former runways taken over by kite boarders and walkers. They still remind us of this place’s heroic past.

Today, much has changed —and is still changing. Located just 15 miles south of Boston, the base sits at the intersection of three towns: Weymouth, Rockland and Abington. For almost two decades, this site became the focus of a new development known as Southfield. And though the plan for Southfield was never fully realized, an idea was born here. It remains a place of immense promise. A place where proud history can comfortably co-exist with great opportunity. All that’s needed now is a comprehensive vision for the way forward. And the right team to bring it to life.

The right team is
now in place.

Brookfield Properties in partnership with New England Development combines global resources with a deep understanding of the local region. Together, we have the capabilities, experience and commitment to see the process through — from collective visioning and planning to the emergence of a dynamic new Village Center.

Our team believes firmly in always keeping the needs of the three municipalities, the Southfield Redevelopment Authority (SRA), and current residents front and center.

Made for New Englanders
by New Englanders.

We believe that local knowledge and a local point of view are essential in building trust and creating an authentic place. That’s why the strengths of New England Development (NED) are so vital to this community. NED has spearheaded landmark projects throughout the Boston area, including the redevelopment of University Station in Westwood and The Pinehills in Plymouth.

We have enlisted the extraordinary talents of DumontJanks. Boston-based and nationally renowned, they add another critical dimension to our understanding of the land, building types, streets and pathways –the patterns and connections that define authentic New England.

From runways to greenways.

We are creating a new framework plan that takes the best thinking from previous plans and begins to focus on a new foundational idea by reconnecting habitats and ecosystems, people and nature.

Our approach is to carefully curate a wide variety of residences and commercial opportunities including retail and office amenities with an emphasis on civic celebration through work and gathering places that will evolve over time.

When the South Weymouth Naval Air Station was built during World War II, the natural areas were separated and subordinated to the mission of the base. Our goal today is to reconnect the natural systems and make them a vital and visible part of the landscape once again.

Together we can explore the best of New England life, where everything you need or want is an easy walk or bike ride away. A place with a wide variety of homes for all stages of life, and where everyone is welcome. The result is a place where you can reconnect. With nature, with your neighbor. With yourself. An exciting new chapter in the living history of the base.

We look forward to a collaborative and successful visioning of South Weymouth Naval Air Station. We embrace this as the beginning of a long-term relationship with you.

We’ll be in touch.

Brookfield Properties and New England Development understand that thoughtful planning takes time. Our approach is to have an open conversation with all interested parties, including the SRA, the three municipalities and the residents.

So stay tuned for future project updates via email.

We look forward to a successful, collaborative visioning of the South Weymouth Naval Air Station.